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PYOclean OTO

Category: Skin Range

Active Ingredients: PhytoC-2® patented plant extract from hemp flowers. Propolis, red myrtle, essential oil, lipo-amino acids of green apple


PYOclean® Oto is a purifying and cleansing ear care product. 

PYOclean® Oto contains only natural ingredients and is used to clean the outer ear canal of dogs and cats, making it ideal for the optimal management of canine and feline otitis externa.

PYOclean® Oto is packaged in mono-dose pipettes, ensuring accurate dosing and preventing cross-contamination between ear canals. 

PYOclean® Oto has a non irritant physiological pH-formulation, giving it a 3-in-1 action of purifying, soothing and cleansing the canine and feline outer ear canal.


  • 10 x 5 mL

Direction for use

(mono-doses of 5ml to prevent cross contamination)

Shake before use.
Break and remove the snap-off top by twisting it.
Instil the whole contents into the ear canal.
Massage the ear canal from the base of the ear towards the orifice.
Then wipe away any excess product.

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