Furinaid Plus

Category: Vitamins and Minerals

Active Ingredients: N-acetyl glucosamine 6,25 % w/v, L-tryptophan 8 g/L

RSA Reg. No. V28935 (Act 36/1947)


Furinaid Plus is a complementary feed supplement for cats containing N-acetyl glucosamine and LTryptophan in a palatable and convenient liquid form.

Daily feeding will nutritionally support the glycosaminooglycan levels in the mucosal barrier of the bladder wall.

Furinaid Plus contains GAG’s that will attach to the defective urothelium and will decrease bladder permeability, and assist in the maintenance of normal nerve function.

Furinaid Plus is suitable for feeding to cats with FLUTD.



  • 200 mL

Direction for use

Mix FURINAID Plus well into the feed. Feed each cat individually.
Feeding Instructions first 14 days: 6 ml per day
Feeding Instructions for maintenance: 4 ml per day

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