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Afrivet Assurance / Livestock

Livestock Product Range

Afrivet assurance is an initiative of Afrivet Business Management (Pty) Ltd. (Afrivet) which guarantees our customers receives quality approved products.

If you make use of any of our livestock product range and it is not up to the product standard, we would gladly replace your product as long as sufficient proof is provided.

In the event of the animal dying or becoming disabled as a result of the failure of the livestock product range, Afrivet will not be held liable for the replacement costs of the animal involved or for any form of monetary compensation as a result of ensuing psychological damages that may be experienced by the owner concerned.

The assurance will only be valid if the correct dosages were given according to the product insert and it is the owner's responsibility to read the product insert carefully.

This assurance shall only remain in effect, for the period that Afrivet has distributions rights of the products concerned. Claims are limited to Afrivet only and are not in any way warranted by the principals or registration holders of the products concerned.

Assurance is limited to the use of Afrivet products only.