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Knowledge Centre / Afrivet Academy

The Afrivet Academy, is aimed at training and education for the entire profession and will in phase 1 be focusing on making the accumulation of CPD points as convenient as possible; especially for those in remote areas, who find it difficult to attend CPD lectures in the cities.

The Afrivet Academy is run online, so you would sign up and log in to watch a lecture on a specific topic presented by an expert in the specific field.

All Academy members have access to a summary of the accredited talk and after watching the presentation, a test is completed to obtain CPD points. The member then receives an electronic certificate on completion per module attended online, thereby making the CPD-journey ultra-convenient.

Vets and para-veterinary professions will be able to return to the website and watch the lecture whenever they wish. Those who are concerned about their internet connection speed will be pleased to know that the videos available through the Afrivet Academy will be made accessible to users with various connection speeds.

In the future, the Afrivet Academy will be including international keynote speakers, and expand the knowledge content to appeal to an even larger viewing audience. All in all, the accumulation of CPD points as well as education and training possibilities are set to become a simple, effective task within every veterinary professional's reach, made easy by the Afrivet Academy!

For further information, please contact your Territory Business Manager or e-mail